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Dream address: 6400-2587-0340
what do you do for a living


I’m a student and I’ve applied to uni this fall for web programming, right now I’m focusing on becoming a front end developer!

I’m also working on a swedish pixel MMORPG project with some friends, I really like making games so if it works out we’ll probably start a company

So I'm putting down paths soon and I was wondering, should I build my pwps first and then do the paths or do the paths and then the pwps? (I haven't built any yet as I just reset)


It’s so much easier starting with the paths in my opinion and you don’t have to waste bells if you change your mind later!


I’m in a dream…

city: Lilane, Mayor: Emy, blog:

This my favourite village!!

So my plaza is litterally right beside my train station.. And I'm having difficulty deciding how to do my paths because of it, like should I have a huge big patio or? Please answer bc I pretty much worship you when it comes to paths


Yeah I would connect them with a path or just place trees/bushes between them and do a 1 square path but it’s hard to say since I don’t know how it looks like, good luck!

so in your digital do you restart the whole game or do you plot reset until you get a new a good villager


Plot reset!

You shouldn't be so negative about your own town! I actually just visited it and thought it was gorgeous. I don't know what the other anon was thinking; I loved the layout of your town, the interior of the houses, and the patterns you made. Don't let a little hate bring you down, it was amazing and deserves to be visited.


I like my town but I’m not the best! Honestly I’m not really that good at mapping in my opinion, I don’t even know if my town ever will be completely done because I like improving when I feel like it

If someone doesn’t like my town that’s fine but comparing my town to others that are obviously better than me and complaining about it is kind of useless, but if someone likes it it means a lot thank you!!

you have lots of paths all over your town, do you still get fossils? Or if theres a path there will there be no holes and flowers wont grow?


I get them where I don’t have paths/flowers etc. but I don’t really want fossils anymore so it doesn’t bother me if they won’t show up

youre such a nice person and you are v pretty, there arnt enough people like you in the world


aahh wowe thank you for boosting my self esteem (❁´▽`❁)

where did you buy your capture card? :) *please reply*



 I had a ROCKIN time at nookling's town, Lilane!

Before I left I decided to have a bit of a dance party with my dreamy, Marshal! But all n all, beautiful town! Beautiful layout! 

Dream address: 6400-2587-0340


Nookling's town! Dream address: 6400-2587-0340


Nookling's town! 
Dream address: 6400-2587-0340

Doesn't acnl get boring if you don't time travel? I play for hours a day and I need more to do


I think it’s the opposite! If you time travel all the time isn’t it boring that you can get everything so fast?

I understand when you have nothing else to do one day and you really want to play but if I did it too much I would get over it really fast

You should play however you prefer though (。ˇ∀ˇ。)