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A collection of my Animal Crossing characters in Tomodachi Life!
There’s even more that I might upload if you like these (★ω★ )

the best bear in the world

the best bear in the world

How much hours you have in Animal Crossing?

I counted both of my games and total play time is 1170 hours

..that’s 49 DAYS!

can you even call me human anymore I am finally one with the animals goodbye

made some summer cuties ♡(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

made some summer cuties ♡(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)


Hey! Check out our game!

Me and snovve have been working our butts off in June to finish this game for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest, it’s a point and click with some keyboard controls about a girl who wakes up with sleep paralysis.

We would appreciate it if you checked it out and if you like it please leave a +1 vote and share it because it would help us out so much! You need an account to vote but it just takes a couple of seconds! We want to make more storyline based games in the future and winning this contest would help us spend more time to work on them!

(the big green download button links you to the browser game)
Thank you so much ♡

Reblogging from my personal because this is why I’ve been so unactive, please check our game out, it would mean a lot to us 

an important message to all mayors from your staff (tomodachi life version)

hey first of all before I get to my question I just want to say how stunningly gorgeous your dream town is and how it gave me hope and encouragement that I can make my town look great. plus the locations for your pwps were literally perfect. now onto my question did you reset any of your villagers homes or did you let them place wherever they wanted because they look so nice the way you placed down your paths around them with the flowers. thank you n__n!!


Thank you!! I reset most of my villagers home but some of them (e.g. bluebear) moved in before I even knew about the trick, If I knew from the start I would probably have done a much better placement but I’m too lazy to redo everything


This is Nookling's little town - isn't it beautiful? 

I especially loved the little memorial shrine to her dog, Luna … it was my favorite part out of the whole town. But overall, I loved the town; I’m so jealous! I do want to start over, yet on a different game card.

What villagers do you have?


Right now I have Bluebear, Marshal, Julian, Kody, Fauna, Diana, Beau, Chief, Fuchsia and Muffy!