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Dream address: 6400-2587-0340
Doesn't acnl get boring if you don't time travel? I play for hours a day and I need more to do


I think it’s the opposite! If you time travel all the time isn’t it boring that you can get everything so fast?

I understand when you have nothing else to do one day and you really want to play but if I did it too much I would get over it really fast

You should play however you prefer though (。ˇ∀ˇ。)

your town is absolutely gorgeous! i hope you had a wonderful time with everything and continue to do so! <3


You are the sweetest ♡ thanks everyone who sent nice messages I have the best followers

Your dream town is actually shit conpared to other dream towns so how exactly did you manage to get 3,000+ visitors?? Pastelia has less than that and that town is 10 times better than yours will ever be to be honest..


I am aware my town is shit compared to other towns, I am also aware that there are a lot of people that are better than me in a lot of things, so instead of wasting time telling other people their towns are shit in comparison to other towns; you can use that time to compliment the town you like and try to get them more attention instead

I’m guessing I’ve gotten more visitors because my blog get around 200-300 unique visitors per day and maybe most of them probably doesn’t like my town compared to others but I’m having fun with it and that’s all it matters to me, it also makes me happy to hear someone enjoyed it!

Also please stop making this into a competition it is Animal Crossing can’t we all just have a good time

When you were putting down your paths, where did you start from? Like where did you put the first path down, and any tips on putting them down?& how long did it take you?


I think I started by the town plaza because I kind of knew how I wanted it, but it doesn’t really matter though!

I would recommend starting with roads you feel like you would use the most and go from there, you will probably change it around later anyway but it’s easier to tell how you want it when you have a main path already laid out

I have probably spent way to much time laying down paths but I have also changed a lot, if you search for “Lilane” in the dream database you can visit old versions of my town and you can tell in my case that it got way better over time, so I wouldn’t expect greatness in the beginning (*^▽^*)ゞ

What do you do in Animal Crossing after you've completed your town and other goals you have?

Buy another copy

Nookling, I have a problem.. I've been playing AC:NL since December and I've made a good amount of progress in the game... Well just recently I decided to build a campsite and I didn't put any thought into where it should be so I put it in the center of town when looking back, I wanted it to be isolated like a camp should be.. I can't demolish it but it's just in the way of everything and I don't like it. I also don't want to reset my town but I also don't want to feel any more regret?? Help :c


Well you have 2 choices, either just work with it and make it a cute lil hot spot camping place or just reset, I believe you can make it fab though

Do you think nintendo will ever make a new animal crossing? Or is acnl the last?

I am 99.9% sure there will be more Animal Crossing games in the future for every new console, Nintendo made way too much money on New Leaf to stop with the series

Hi, I know in your FAQ, you say to look thru your likes for certain qr codes, but I've been scrolling for a half hour through them and haven't found what I'm looking for. So I was wondering if you could give just the link to the path you have in your gifs please? Thank you~ <3


My main path is made by me, if you want it you can get it by talking to Wendell in my dream town!

How long did it take you to get all your dreamies and finally landscape your town the way you wanted?


I started on june 14th so yes you can do the math

So I want to rename my town, but you can't do that so I have to delete my town. I'm really iffy on this, but my town name makes me feel regret lol. The thing keeping me back fron deleting my town is the day I registered my mayor on my TPC. I'm a person who's all about milestones (embarrassing aaa). But if I reset the date on my 3ds to the day when I actually started playing when i start a new game, will my TPC register that date? ie time travel to 9/10/2013 when its actually 4/11/2014


Yes it will! Since you actually started playing on that day I wouldn’t feel bad about going back and playing day by day until you reach today’s date

May I ask where you got your water/river qr codes from? I'd love to use them!


All the paths in my town that aren’t made by me can be found here!

hey is it ok if i talk to wendell and use the paths youre currently using?? theyre so beautiful!!


Yes they are free to take for a reason!!

I updated! Feel free to stop by the dream suite: 6400-2587-0340

I updated! Feel free to stop by the dream suite: 6400-2587-0340